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Woodworm Treatments

Chemicals We Will Use All the preservatives and biocides used by us are water based and are approved by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive). these are incredibly safe when used in accordance with their conditions of approval (all our staff are trained to a high standard in this respect). Very occasionally we may need…
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Wharf borer beetle (Nacerdes melanura)

Wharf Borer Beetle (nacerdes melanura) You won’t see these little chaps very often! Wharf borer beetle (Nacerdes melanura) only thrive in very damp and decayed softwoods and hardwoods. As the name suggests they are often found in wharf timbers or other timbers that are submerged in water. In a property, you will usually find them…
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Replacing a School Hall floor

This is a case study on a recent contract of ours following the floods of june 2007 School benefits from pioneering treatment following flood devastation A high-quality waterproofing system, more often seen in basement conversions, has been used by a Basement Living Group member to restore a flood-damaged Victorian school hall to its former glory.…
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Flood Related Pictures

A selection of various pictures all relating to flood damage  click here for our flood remediation section

Swimming Pool Problems

  We solved a problem with flaking paint and heavy salt migration to a swimming pool This local authority school swimming pool had been suffering from flaking paint caused by aggressive salt migration around the pool side for several years. The problems were compounded by the constantly high humidity and to the original walls a…
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Cavity Membrane Basement Conversion

We converted this basement into a utility room using a cavity membrane system The basement to this property in Hessle (just outside of Hull) was an unuseable ‘damp’ space. We installed an 8mm stud cavity membrane system to the walls and floor. We installed a twin pump sump system that is able to handle any…
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Wet Rot – Fibroporia vaillantii

This is a type of wet rot that can resemble Dry Rot The wet rot Fibroporia vaillantii is a type of wet rot that can resemble Dry Rot Serpula lacrymans. Fibroporia usually only needs treatment like any other type of wet rot outbreak i.e. remove the source of moisture and replace the weakened timbers. If…
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Sealing of Pavement Lights

We’ve recently sealed some pavement lights in Hull City Centre The pavement lights above a basement in Hull City centre had been allowing water in every time it rained for years. We prepared the joints, thouroughly cleaned them out, and resealed them using a two part polyurethane sealant supplied by MC Building Chemicals.

Our smallest basement conversion

This is the smallest basement conversion we’ve ever done This basement conversion in one of the villages outside of Hull is the smallest conversion we’ve ever done. Was it worth the effort? In a word yes as this new room is now the household office, releasing the bedroom that was previously the used for that purpose

More Pictures of Woodworm

A few more pictures of the damage caused by Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum)