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Japanese knotweed booklet
Japanese knotweed booklet
24 Apr 2017
you can download our shiny new Japanese knotweed information booklet here :)

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Stem Injection

Stem injection is a very effective method of treating Japanese knotweed, particularly when the outbreak is surrounded by plants you want to keep!

This method of treatment is the one favoured by Cook Group 

How does it work?

This form of treatment works by actually injecting a concentrated dose of herbicide directly into the cane or stem of each plant, by carrying out this treatment at the right time of year, we can gain extremely effective results and can dramatically reduce the regrowth rate. As stated we use this system in sensitive areas where we need to protect surrounding plants or trees from the herbicide we use.
The picture below shows a recent Japanese knotweed stem injection treatment in progress. This knotweed infestation was embedded in shrubs, plants and mature pine trees, all of which the owner wanted to keep. The stem injection process allowed an effective treatment to be carried out with minimal risk to the surrounding greenery.

Japanese knotweed stem injection by the Cook Group

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The finished product



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