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We issue company guarantees on the majority of the works that we carry out. These are generally as follows.

10 Years

  • Installation of either a chemical or electrosmotic Damp proof course (DPC)
  • Dry rot & wet rot treatments
  • Wood boring beetle infestation treatments
  • Replacement floor timbers

10 Years

  • Structural waterproofing
  • Lift pit & lift shaft waterproofing

There are times when no guarantees can be offered, this will always be explained and treatments agreed before we carry out any treatment works.


Guarantees are a very important document and once they have been issued they cannot be reissued or replaced. In the unlikely event of a claim you will need the original guarantee to make a claim.

Are Damp proofers Guarantees worthless?

Without a doubt some are!, some of them are not worth the paper they are written on.

When you are trying to decide on which company to use the guarantee you are offered is very important. You need to consider the following

  • Is your other quote offered by a company you are confident is going to remain trading?
  • How long has the company been trading?
  • Is the company registered at Companies House?
  • If the company hasn't been trading very long, has the owner or directors had other companies that have ceased trading?
  • What does the guarantee actually say?
  • Some guarantees only offer to replace the damp proofing materials if the job fails
  • Can the guarantee be supported by an insurance backed policy from Guarantee Protection Insurance?

Remember when the company ceases trading (for whatever reason) the company issued guarantee you have will more than likely become worthless!

Why a Cook Group Guarantee?

  • We've been trading for over 41 years (some of our guarantees have ran out!)
  • We intend to be around for another 41 years (and the rest!)
  • Our company registration number & VAT number remain unchanged since 1974!
  • No directors at Cook Group have ever worked for a failed preservation company
  • In the extremely unlikely event of a guarantee claim we will put the job right!
  • As a PCA member we can offer you an insurance backed guarantee via the GPI (see separate section)

Why don't you offer a 20 or 30 year guarantee?

It's no secret that we (as many other reputable companies do) will have the occasional problem that needs putting right and from our experience if there is going to be a problem then it will be within the first 10 years.

Following the recent government changes to the insurance industry (something called 'solvency 2') this meant that insurance companies no longer offer long term 20 year insured back up guarantees. So we could offer a 10 year insurance on our guarantees but any remaining period would not be covered by the back up guarantee. Seems a bit silly doesn't it?

If you buy a brand new house you will generally only get a 10 year guarantee, and you only have to read one of those documents to see all the caviats and conditions!

We would much rather give you a 10 year guarantee that is actually worth the paper it's written on and offers you valuable peace of mind for a reasonable period of time.

If you have any concerns or questions about guarantees then just get in touch and we'd be happy to have a chat with you. If you prefer our Managing director Dave Cook would be more than happy to have a chat  with you too

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Sub Categories
Sub Categories within Guarantees category

Work in progress insurance
Work in progress insurance
As a Trustmark member we can offer you work in progress insurance this is a unique and valuable policy that won't cost you a penny!
GPI Guarantees
GPI Guarantees
This section gives more information on the insurance backed guarantees we offer for some of our treatments

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